Let’s set politics aside and get something done.

We must work with the people we already have here. 

  • Deport criminals and those ineligible to stay.
  • Make it more difficult to live in the US undocumented. 
  • For those individuals legally eligible, provide a process for immigrants to move to legal status allowing for work and faster processing of cases through our legal system.

Force Congress to stop dragging its feet and pass the existing border bill. 

Read Senator Lankford’s bill Here.  It will:

  • Allow the President to close the border when crossing increases above a certain level.
  • Expand the immigration courts so cases are adjudicated in weeks, not years. 
    • Many know they are ineligible and won’t come. 
    • Those who come and are ineligible will be removed within weeks, not years.

Let’s set up a system built to accept a predetermined number of people. 

  • How many do we allow in?
  • Where do they go to be processed?
  • Prepare cities to accept a predetermined number of people and no more. 

PoliciesThe Economy

We have rebuilt the most robust economy in the world and created more than 15 million jobs, but everyday living is still too expensive.

  • Corporate consolidation is driving up prices. 
  • 4 Companies control all meat packing in the US. 2 are not even US companies.
  • 4 Companies make most of the baby formula. Do you remember that shortage?
  • Corporations are vacuuming up single-family homes, artificially driving up prices.
  • We must stand with small businesses. This is where more than half of all American jobs come from. 
  • Let’s work to bring more jobs to New Jersey.

PoliciesWoman's Rights

The GOP is looking to control and subjugate half the population. It is time to codify Roe into federal law for the safety of all women across this country.

  • We are all equal under the law. Equality is only achieved through the freedom to control our own bodies, lives, and futures.
  • Birth control is health care. Affordable access to birth control is a right, not a privilege.
  • Healthcare is a decision between a patient and their doctor.  The government has no business in the exam room.

PoliciesGun Reform

Violent crime is rising, and the law enforcement officers expected to protect us are under-staffed, under-resourced, and outgunned – all because Republicans have voted against investing in local law enforcement. On top of that we must pass comprehensive legislation to protect our communities from senseless violence.

  • Raise the age for semi-automatic weapons to 21.
  • Close dangerous loopholes where domestic abusers, convicted felons, or fugitives can skip background checks when buying guns.
  • Use red flag laws as a tool to empower our communities and law enforcement to restrict someone who is dangerous access to weapons.
  • Expand mental health and supportive services in schools to not only support children with post-traumatic events from violence but act as preventatives to stop them from recurring.


LGBTQ rights have come a long way since Stonewall, but the struggle for equality and protection did not end there. Across the country, LGBTQ Americans still face legalized discrimination under the law when it comes to housing, jobs, parenting, and even prison.

  • Enshrine in law the right of LGBTQ couples to parent together.
  • Protection against job discrimination at the federal level. LGBTQ members can still be fired in most states based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Healthcare access should be equal, regardless of identity. Health insurance companies can currently block individuals’ access to care based on sexual and gender identity.


Changing jobs, starting a business, or going to school should not hinder you from having healthcare. It is time to move towards a healthcare system that works for all Americans.

  • Create a single-payer option and allow Americans to buy into it.
  • Bring down the costs of Rx drugs. The same drug sold to Americans should not be cheaper across the border.
  • Negotiate drug prices within Medicare and use the savings for the Child Tax Credit.


Americans are suffering under the volatility of our energy system and the reckless pursuit of profits from oil companies. It is time we move toward energy that is good for the environment and creates good paying clean jobs.

  • Oil revenues give authoritarian regimes like Russia nearly limitless power that goes unchecked by a world addicted to oil.
  • The clean energy industry generates hundreds of billions in economic activity. It’s time to expand this wealth to those most affected by energy pollution.

PoliciesClimate Change

America has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in our collective climate future.

  • Actively working to hit the Department of Energy’s 2030 carbon emissions reduction goal by 50%.
  • Investment in clean transportation infrastructure to combat environmental & traffic pollution 
  • Prioritizing investment in New Jersey’s coastal wind energy.
  • Develop new union jobs in clean energy to modernize our energy grid with cutting-edge solar and wind energy.
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